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DLT is back at the SummerWorks Performance Festival, 2017

Starting from your own home, enter a parallel world for 24 hours.

Episode 1: You receive a mysterious call at night time. It will connect you to four strangers who you may never meet again. Guided by an enigmatic voice, you are invited to speak about your dreams and reveal your personal life story.

Episode 2: The night after you will enter the invisible city and be transported through a collective dream in which you play the role of the main character.

Performances from August 3rd – 13th. Tickets can be found via the SummerWorks website here.

The Invisible City premiers at the Kilowatt Festival in Sansepolcro, Italy

Click here for additional information about the festival with the Italian cast of The Invisible City.

May 2017 News


The creator of The Stranger (multiple worldwide, sold out runs) and Off Limits Zone (Luminato Festival) brings you two initial experiments for a new interactive experience around the theme of immigration. The project is presented by DopoLavoro Teatrale (DLT) in partnership with the Theatre Centre and Istituto Italiano di Cultura.

First Experiment

The Apartment

Alone, you step inside the apartment of a recent immigrant. Explore the environment around you and discover the story of the person who lives there. You become the actor of your own experience and connect with the life, challenges and desires of a new comer to Canada. As you delve father inside their world, you become the tenant yourself; perhaps leaving bits of your own story behind.

The piece is designed for one audience member at a time.

Dates: June 9th – 18th. Slots are every 35 minutes from 5:30 until 10:45

This event is free of charge. A donation at the door is welcome for the future development of the project. Suggested donation is $20.

Click here to reserve your slot and find out more details.

Second Experiment 


From June 19th – June 29th, Daniele Bartolini will work at the Theatre Centre on a creation of an interactive narrative piece with the theme of immigration. He will be collaborating with a group of community members and new comer artists. The workshop compares the experience of Italian immigrants from the fifties and sixties to the ones of recent new comers from around the world. A series of open rehearsal will be presented throughout the workshop. For people interested in witnessing the process and giving their personal contribution as audience members, please e-mail Daniele Bartolini at dlt.daniele@gmail.com

The future of the project: These activities will help informa a theatrical day trip around Toronto and the GTA, that will be presented in 2018. The final piece will be an epic voyage across the city, including its popular hidden spots, where audience (or better called travellers) will be exploring a variety of environments. THey will come face to face with characters connected to Italian culture and the world of new comers to Canada.

December 2016 News:

DLT just returned from New Delhi, India where they workshopped a brand new show at Khoj as part of an international residency. For more information about the piece, please click here

October 2016 News:

Thank you to everyone who attended The Stranger 2016