Off Limits Zone

Off Limits Zone surprises, moves, and knocks you off kilter … [it] is simultaneously endearing and alienating, making each participant face their own thoughts about heritage, identity, expression, desire and communication.”

                                                                                                       – Carly Maga, The Toronto Star

The Stranger

“If you’ve ever felt like taking part in a video game – not playing it, but being in it – The Stranger, a fascinating walkabout show about freedom and reinvention, will excite you. It’s a one-on-one experience in which audience members wander the alleyways and sidestreets off Queen, seeking the mysterious and shy title character and connecting with unusual and unexpected figures who alternately help and hinder the search.”

                                                                                     – Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine, NNNN


“There’s something so exhilarating about being thrust into this imaginary universe and asked to play along. It really awakened a childlike sense of wonder, and I’m not embarrassed to admit I was giddy with excitement throughout.

I loved the fact that in any given scene the actor is performing exclusively for you, one-on-one. It’s very intimate. I also enjoyed the parts in between the actual scenes where I was waiting to meet the next character; the show takes place in a real-world setting and the performance is essentially overlaid on top of reality, so I found myself scanning the faces of the strangers around me wondering which one of them was part of the show. At times it’s downright thrilling.”

-Wayne Leung, Mooney on Theatre